At Kaata Tidje we assist your fulfilment of Corporate Responsibility in the area of Cross Cultural Awareness & Training, impacting your organization’s Social Licence to Operate.


Our process is unique and has a history of effecting real behavioural attitude change in Commercial, Community and Government sectors.

Cultural Diversity is a part of your workplace and your community.

We are versed in working with mining companies across Australia in understanding Native Title and Native Heritage issues as well as Minority and Ethnic groups in general. Our seminar attendants go forward with a greater understanding of cultural diversity and greater abilities in negotiation and staff assessment.


Cross Cultural Awareness Training with Kaata Tidje
We Build Bridges:
• Organizational Cultural Intelligence Assessment/Audit
• Cultural Intelligence Training Programs Results
   • Cultural Awareness Induction
   • Cultural Change Training Program
   • Working in a culturally diverse workplace
   • Managing Cultural Diversity & Team Building
   • Managing & Mentoring Indigenous people in the workforce
• Strategic Relationship Building with Indigenous people/communities
• Capacity building and development of business with Traditional Owners groups
• Developing Proactive Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution Strategies
• Addressing barriers to Indigenous Recruitment & Retention
• Aboriginal Engagement Strategy, understanding Traditional Owners of the Land